Supporter Packages


  1. Supporters Village packages are limited to Physiotherapy, Masseuses and Bicycle Mechanics.
  2. Supporter Village package includes:
    1. Cleaners
    2. Security
    3. Showers
    4. Toilets
    5. Food Vendors (Breakfast & Lunch Only)
    6. 1m x 6m x 9m site
  3. Supporter Village package Excludes:
    1. Access to main rider-dining marquee
    2. Electricity
    3. Access to rider ablutions
    4. Access to rider lounges
    5. Access to crew dining-marquee
    6. Access to crew ablutions
    7. Access to crew lounges
  4. No supporter services allowed outside the official supporter area. Masseuses, Physios and Mechanics operating in areas such as general parking will be removed from the premises.
  5. No unofficial services allowed on route or at the water points.
  6. Only registered and accredited supporter service providers will be allowed within the official supporter service area.
  7. Only riders specified at registration may be assisted.
  8. Supporter Services will not be allowed to sell any parts or product during the event.
  9. No advertising and branding will be allowed outside of your allocated site within the Supporter Village.
  10. The organizers of the Wines2Whales will not be responsible for or liable for any of the services or lack thereof provided by within the Supporters Village.
  11. Max 2 vehicles per event site (6m X 9m), and vehicles MUST fit within the 6m X 9m allocated site space. You will only receive 2 vehicle accreditations and vehicles (tents & trailers included), parked outside of your site will be removed.

COST PER SITE: R4 000 for all 3 events

(Includes 3 access accreditations, additional accreditations can be bought at R 200 each)

All costs to be settled at least a week before the events, preferable by EFT payments.

Forward completed application form to Hans at TBC , who will confirm your booking. Any questions? Phone Hans on 021 886 9204