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 EPT are the official onsite Health service, where therapy is administered with up to date treatment techniques, and effective treatment plans executed by highly qualified therapists. They also offer a variety of massage products that enables the client to do self treatment to ensure overall health of the body. Our product assists in various muscular support, for e.g. Myofacial release, Ice therapy, strapping, tapping and general advise is also available during the event.


Ensure that you make your bookings well in advance!

Pre-race strapping & Post-race massage:

  • Pre-race strapping with Kinesio or rigid tape to support muscles & joints needing support; and
  • Post-race massage for muscle stiffness, relaxation, flushing and recovery.

Hours of service in the designated massage tent:

  • Pre-race strapping during the event;
  • Post-race massage as 30 minute massages slots;
  • Friday & Saturday every half an hour, 12h30 – 20h30, with a compulsorily break from 18h00 – 19h00 for the Race briefing and supper; and
  • Massage on Sunday by prior arrangement.


  • Click on this link to make your booking: OR call 021 – 886 8042 OR Email:
    • Your preferred massage time;
    • Your name and team name;
    • Partner’s name if s/he also requires a booking; and
    • Cell number & 2nd telephone number.
  • Payment (incl. bank details) and confirmation of your booking will be e-mailed to you;and
  • Bookings on the day will be possible, but it is advisable to Pre-book.


  • Is relevant to whichever package you choose via the online booking link.